Looks like Grape-kun ain’t the only celebrity fan of Kemono Friends. It turns out that actress Rika Adachi is also quite the big fan herself. Adachi recently cosplayed Kemono Friends’ lovable Serval as she appeared on the “Nack5 Special ‘Anison Friends'” radio program, which she hosts.

Adachi even got co-host and singer/actor Yuutaro Miura to cosplay as Kaban. While their listeners weren’t able to see the cosplay from the radio, she found another way to get them to see. The actress posted the images on twitter, which of course, got plenty of attention.

She even grabbed the attention of seiyuu Yuuka Ozaki, who of course voices Serval in the anime. She thanked Adachi for cosplaying the character, and said that she makes a cute Serval. And yes, she called the cosplay “SUGOI” as well, referring to Serval’s signature catchphrase.

And Adachi has also cosplayed another popular anime character before. This is because she previously cosplayed Menma from AnoHana. She also voiced several anime characters as a guest star, including Pokemon and Detective Conan.

Source: Net Lab