The official website for the Anisong group, Meme Meme MIMI, has announced that the group will be disbanding. They revealed that they will be doing so after their “Mimi Meme MIMI Live 2017 ~Bon Voyage!~” concert this 9th September.

Seiyuu Yuki Takao and illustrator Chamooi make up the musical duo, and the debuted back in 2013. They would then go on to perform the theme songs for various anime, including The Town Where You Live In, Yamada-kun and the 7 Witches, Sweetness and Lightning, Blade & Soul, Nozo x Kimi, and of course, Akiba’s Trip the Animation.

The website also revealed that the group’s vocals, Yuki Takao, will be retiring from the entertainment industry. She provides the vocals for the songs, while Chamooi provides the illustrations. Both members thanked the fans for all their support, and said that they would still like to express their feeling, but in a different form. The two have released eight singles together, as well as two albums.

As for Takao, she voiced Yamada-kun and the 7 Witches’ Maria Sarashima, as well as Noragami’s Mineha.