Getting a world record is no easy feat, and you can now count anisong singer, Mai Kuraki, as one of those record holders. This is because Guiness has awarded the 34-year old singer the world record for “Most number of theme songs in an Animated series sang by the same artist”. So, what’s this same series that she has performed for over and over again? Why Detective Conan of course!

In fact, the Conan mascot himself appeared alongside the artiste as Guinness gave her her world record certification. Since 2000, Kuraki has performed songs for the Detective Conan animated series. And through that time, she has collaborated with Conan 21 times. And apparently, 21 now sets the world record for her category, and topping that number won’t be easy.

Kuraki has performed both OP and ED songs for the TV anime, as well as theme songs for the Detective Conan films. In fact, her 21st song for the franchise, Togetsukyou ~Kimi Omou~, is from the Crimson Love Letter film.

As for the singer herself, Kuraki said that she can’t believe that she achieved a world record. She also added that she was more nervous receiving the award than singing itself. She said that she’s also quite happy that Conan-kun was right beside her when she received her award.

And finally, Kuraki will also be releasing all 21 of her Detective Conan songs in one new album. The Mai Kuraki x Detective Conan COLLABORATION BEST 21 will hit the shelves on 25th October.

Source: Sanspo