Attack on Titan fans, get those 3D Maneuver Gears ready! This is because during an Attack on Titan live-streaming program on Niconico, the anime’s staff revealed that there will be a new Original Anime DVD (OAD) for the series. Like most OAD, this will come bundled with an upcoming manga volume release. Specifically, it will come along with the manga’s Vol. 24 limited edition release.

However, the staff didn’t reveal much details about this new OAD, nor the manga bundle’s release. The manga’s Vol. 23 will contain more details about Vol. 24’s release, so we still have to wait for more details. Vol. 23 hits the shelves on 9th August, so expect more details about the OAD soon.

With Season 3 coming in 2018, fans are asking how the OAD will tie in. But whatever it is, expect the fans to be really excited for both the OAD and Season 3.