The party hasn’t stopped and C3 AFA Jakarta has made a fresh round of announcements ahead of the convention! Scheduled for the 18th to the 20th August of 2017 at the JIExpo in Kemayoran, brace yourself for the huge exhibition hall, the stunning line up of guest seiyuu and cosplayers, an out-of-this-world utaite showcase, and a fabulous line up of Japanese artistes for I Love Anisong 2017!

Veteran voice actor, Toru Furuya will be at C3 AFA Jakarta! Toru Furuya has voiced many renowned characters such as: Tuxedo Mask/ Mamoru Chiba (Sailor Moon series), Tooru Amuro (Detective Conan), Yamcha (Dragon Ball series), Amuro Ray (Mobile Suit Gundam series), Sabo (One Piece), Pegasus (Saint Seiya) and many more!

Frame Arms Girl is one of our featured anime at C3 AFA Jakarta! Frame Arms Girl Official will also be bringing Rika Abe, who voices Hresvelgr!

Popular anime, Kemono Friends is one of our featured anime at C3 AFA Jakarta! Saki Ono who voices Araiguma will also be with us on stage!

Fate/Apocrypha will be one of our featured anime at C3 AFA Jakarta! Producer Shizuka Kurosaki and voice actor Satoshi Tsuruoka (voicing Aka no Berserker) will be joining us! There will also be a dedicated booth for Fate/Apocrypha!

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans is also one of our featured anime at C3 AFA Jakarta! Voice actor Yasuaki Takumi who voiced Altland Akihiro will also join us on stage!

Hiroaki Kato is our emcee and special guest at C3 AFA Jakarta! He is a Japanese singer, radio announcer, and emcee who has lived and worked in Indonesia for many years.

Previously known as Yuei (ゆーえい) and P-ch!, Takaaki Natsushiro joins as at C3 AFA Jakarta!

Utaite fans are still in luck as we bring Eve to C3 AFA Jakarta!

Utaites CLEANERO returns as a unit again! CLEANERO will be at C3 AFA Jakarta!

Anisong Fitness with Yakko (Q’ulle) & Kozue Aikawa (ILoVU)! Using everybody’s favourite anisongs that are beloved all over the world, get healthy and happy! This is Anisong Fitness! Anisong Fitness was first introduced at niconico Chou Kaigi 2017, and more than 1,000 fans got fit to the tune of Yoko Takahashi’s Cruel Angel’s Thesis (Zankoku na Tenshi no Te-ze)!

Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic comes to C3 AFA Jakarta! There will also be a special Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic booth!

Vocaloid fans, rejoice! We will also be screening HATSUNE MIKU EXPO 2016 Japan Tour at C3 AFA Jakarta! AFA SHOP will also be carrying goods ! Stay tuned for more details on the Hatsune Miku goodies you can purchase!

We will be screening Kuroko’s Basketball the Movie LAST GAME at C3 AFA Jakarta on the day stage!

Come to C3 AFA Jakarta 2017! Check out the official website for more information at! Want to make sure you get the best seats in the house?! You can also get early bird 2-day VIP tickets via Loket!

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18 – 20 Aug 2017
JIEXPO Jakarta, Indonesia

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