It’s just a couple of days left til the biggest anime, cosplay, and anisong event in Indonesia comes to Jakarta! From the 18th to the 20th of August 2017, Japanese pop culture fans are expected to descend on the JIEXPO in Kemayoran forC3 AFA Jakarta! Put your hands together for the final artiste on our star-studded I Love Anisong line up — the one and only May’n!

In the galaxy of anisong artistes, no star shines brighter than Mayn’s! When she was 13 years old she participated in the 28th “HoriPro – Talent Scout Caravan – Love Music – Audition”, where she outlasted 34,911 other hopefuls to become one of four finalists to score a management contract with the premiere talent agency.

Already a five-year veteran on the pop music scene at the tender age of 18, she sky-rocketed to fame as the singing voice of Macross Frontier’s Galaxy Fairy Sheryl Nome. She went on to create more hit songs for “Aria the Scarlet Ammo”, “Accel World”, and “Aquarion Logos”. Her latest single entitled “One in a Billion” is a collaboration with the girl group Wake Up, Girls!, and is the theme for “Isekai Shokudou” — an anime about a restaurant that is also a portal to another world.

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Speaking of food, May’s is a huge foodie! A quick scroll through her Instagram feed features delicious looking photos of all the meals and snacks she’s had — occasionally interspersed with rehearsal photos and portraits with friends (which include, among others, fellow Japanese songstresses LiSA, Junna, and Ami Wajima).

On a recent trip to Japan, we emailed her to ask for her recommendations on the best food in Tokyo and her hometown of Nagoya, and we were so happy she obliged us! Some of her recommendations include: her favorite melon bun, her favorite hamburg restaurant, her favorite unagi restaurant (from her hometown Nagoya!), and her favorite cake shop! Last but not least, as self-proclaimed taiyaki ambassador, she also shared her favorite taiyaki shop!

Maybe we should return the favor and recommend her some Indonesian favorites? Drop your suggestions in the comments!

Are you looking for even more reasons to come to C3 AFA Jakarta?! Check out the official website for more information at! Want to make sure you get the best seats in the house?! You can also get early bird 2-day VIP tickets via Loket!

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