Akihabara has already seen plenty of cosplayers by now, and rarely do cosplayers grab that much attention. However, when Tora no Ana B was promoting the new anime, Centaur’s Worries, their 4-legged cosplayer really grabbed some heads!

Popular Japanese cosplayer, Yutori, cosplays Centaur’s Worries main character, Himeno Kimihara. Needless to say, she impressed many with her Hime cosplay. Many observers noted that pulling off a quadrupedal cosplay would be rather difficult, but she really pulled it off.

Many commented that she didn’t wear Hime’s signature red hair, but others didn’t mind. She even drew a crowd as she posed in front of Tora no Ana B.

Centaur’s Worries follows the teenage life of centaur Himeno Kimihara, whose worries include her friends, society, and her growing centaur body. Based on Kei Murayama’s popular manga, the series takes a stance against plenty of issues, including discrimination, which is still rampant in Japan. The anime is currently airing in Japanese TV as part of the new summer 2017 anime season.

images via @Centaur_anime