Looks like Ryou Saeba is going to say Bonjour as City Hunter will be getting a French live-action film adaptation. According to an instagram post by French actor, writer, and director Philippe Lacheau, he is now working to adapt Tsukasa Hojo’s ever-popular City Hunter manga.

Sony Pictures France also confirmed the announcement, and they also revealed that it will premiere in February 2019. It will be titled “Nicky Larson”, much like City Hunter’s official French title. The film lists Philippe Lacheau and Pierre Lacheau as the scriptwriters. French actor and writer, Julien Arruti‏, also revealed that he’s involved with this new film project.

Tsukasa Hojo’s manga didn’t just inspire an anime adaptation, but several popular live-action adaptations. This includes the popular South Korean drama, as well as the Hong Kong version, which stars none other than Jackie Chan.

This French adaptation has some huge shoes to fill, huh? They’re also launching a Chinese live-action film adaptation for December 2018 as well. Looks like Good’ol Ryou has quite the international flair.

Source: NetLab