Daisuke Namikawa married his wife back in 2001. However, according to a report by the Weekly Bunshunthe seiyuu has been cheating on her since 2004. The report stated that he’s been on an affair with a female employee from his former agency. This then prompted the seiyuu to issue an apology on the same day the news hit.

The Weekly Bunshun report claimed that Namikawa started his affair with the agency employee in 2004 despite being married already. They also reported that the woman was still in her teens at the start of the affair. The report also claimed that the two would meet at a cabaret club for three years before separating. After Namikawa left his former agency, Weekly Bunshun also alleged that they went back together. The publication then claimed that they talked with the woman in a phone interview. She admitted the affair with the married Namikawa, but only “until recently”.

In his apology, Namikawa stated the situation actually surprised him. However, he also added that he will go forward and become more devoted to gain everyone’s trust. His agency spoke to several media outlets about this, including Oricon. However, they said that they cannot speak about this situation further.

Source: Oricon