It seems that people can now learn to become a seiyuu through the world of virtual reality. This is all thanks to VR Theater, which is offering a beginner’s course on voice acting. And they’re not doing it alone, because renowned seiyuu, Daisuke Namikawa and Persona 4: The Golden Animation, will also be helping the would-be learners.

This is actually part of a new partnership between Namikawa’s Stay Luck agency and VR Theater to help train seiyuu. In the virtual world, Namikawa would appear as a guide and teach a few beginner basics for for those who want to be seiyuu. Furthermore, he also talks about some seiyuu etiquette, such as proper attire and how to behave in a studio. The seiyuu will also run the user through other facets of the seiyuu industry.

The users will then go on to do a virtual voice recording. Here, they will try and voice Persona 4’s main protagonist, Yuu Narukami. Of course, Namikawa himself voices the P4 protagonist in both the Persona 4 and Persona 4 The Golden TV anime.

The course will make its official debut on 2nd August, during the “Persona Super Live P-Sound Bomb!!!! 2017 ~Minato no Hankou wo Mokugeki Seyo!~”  event at the Yokohama Arena. The basic course lasts 11 minutes long, and trying it out would cost 600 yen. However, there would only be a limited time allotted for this, so they’ll be holding a lottery to determine who gets to try it out. They will then release the VR experience to Internet and manga cafes that use VR Theater all over Japan.

source: Nijimen