After being delayed to July to increase production time, Bandai has finally released a new PV for Mobile Suit Gundam Thunderbolt part 8. This is part of Gundam Thunderbolt’s second season, which continues the story of Daryl Lorenz and Io Flemming.

Originally slated for 30th June, Sunrise delayed the anime’s release for 14th July. The anime’s official website also revealed a brand new visual for Part 8. It not only features Io and some mobile suit action, but also the returning Claudia, who Io thought died at the end of Season 1.

The anime’s second part follows Io and Daryl as they renew their rivalry after the One Year War. This is because even after Zeon surrenders, its remnants still continue to wage war against the federation. previously released the previous episodes via YouTube. However, they will first show the new episode to members of the official Gundam fan club back in Japan.