Dive!! is undoubtedly one of the most hyped anime of the spring 2017 season. And with that hype, it’s also getting its own VR experience treatment from the company behind the Re:Zero VR experience, Gugenka. The new VR experience app is titled DIVE!! VR Lesson, and it lets you interact with the anime’s characters.

In the app, players take in the role of a new member to the Mizuki Diving Club, which is experiencing money troubles. Players get to train in the “Training Mode” with the anime’s characters, as well as enjoy the scenery in “Viewing mode”.

Gugenka announced that they will be releasing the app sometime in September 2018. However, before that, they are also holding a special release campaign. They will give away plenty of neat prizes, including three Thumbcon Gorgeous VR headsets. They will kick-off the campaign once their official twitter page hits 7,000 followers.

As for the anime itself, it premieres in Japan on 6th July. It follows the divers of the financially-troubled Mizuki Diving Club, as they aim to send someone to the Olympics.