Fuji-Q Hughland is teaming up with Black Butler: Book of Atlantic for a very special collaboration. For this team up, the theme park will open a special Black Butler area, which will include its own attraction. Of course, since this is Black Butler, the theme park is setting it inside their own Haunted House attraction. They will be turning a part of their new Haunted House attraction into something from Yana Toboso’s manga just for the occasion!

They will be playing a Black Butler voice drama over the headphones. But before entering, Sebastian and Ciel will appear before the visitors through a video. And then, once visitors enter the haunted house, they must escape a familiar Black Butler Foe. This is because the animated corpse “Bizarre Doll” is roaming the area, and visitors must “survive” the encounter.

Fuji-Q Highland will also recreate Ciel’s Office as a photo area. They’ll also feature an area filled with coffins, which kinda makes you wonder who this will be for, right? Oh, and they also have a Black Butler stamp rally.

Like most collaborations, the theme park will also be selling special Black Butler merchandise as well. The dark fantasy manga will also be taking over Fuji Express Line Fuji-Q Highland Station with several decorations. They will kick off the collaboration on 1st October to celebrate Black Butler: Book of Atlantic’s home video release.

Source: Nijimen