Real people making cameos in manga aren’t really uncommon, as several notable mangaka have done it. Heck, horror mangaka Junji Itou even makes one about his CATS! However, most of the time, they’re famous people or people that the mangaka are close to. But that might not be the case for Hashimoto and Matsukoma’s Mr. Nietzsche in the Convenience Store. This is because they are holding a twitter campaign to get fans the chance to make an appearance in a real popular manga.

The twitter campaign bears a number with a huge relevance with the manga, and that’s 777. The number refers to the manga’s setting, which of course is the 777 convenience store. It also commemorates the manga’s 7th volume release, which coincidentally is also on the seventh month of the year. So yeah, 777.

To enter the campaign, fans must first use the campaign hashtag, . They must then pick an image or panel from the manga that they like and post it on twitter with the hashtag. Unfortunately, they’re only allowing one entry per person. The tweet with the most retweets gets the original poster to become a character in the manga. The winner will become either a new co-worker or a new customer.

The manga follows Matsukoma, a convenience store worker who has to train a newbie named Tomoharu Nii, AKA Nietzsche-sensei. One time, when an angry customer screams at Nietzsche that “customers are gods”, he screams back that “God is Dead”. The manga follows their everyday lives working together, with Matsukoma dealing with his coworker’s quirks.

Source: Comic Natalie