ufotable is returning to the Fate series with the Heaven’s Feel trilogy, which follows Sakura Matoh’s route. Now, the movie has revealed its latest trailer, which of course shows that beautiful ufotable animation.


This will be the second trailer for the first film, which premieres in Japan on 14th October. It also features the action between the servants, including Saber, Lancer, Berserker, and True Assassin. The first film’s official title is “Fate/stay night: Heaven’s Feel I. presage flower”.

In the Heaven’s Feel route, Sakura plays a much more important role, and actually becomes the central figure of the Grail War. Of course, Shiro and Saber, as well as Rin and Archer, all get caught up as the Matoh family finally make their move.

Tomonori Sudou (Fate/stay night: Unlimited Blade Works) will once again direct the anime, with ufotable responsible for the animation. Aimer, who’s responsible for previous Fate series theme songs, will also perform the theme song for the film.