Looks like there’s a new haven for hungry cosplayers in Tokyo’s Taito Ward, and it’s called Cosplay Yokocho. The name translates as “Cosplay Alley”, and this food court ain’t no ordinary one. This is because they not only allow their diners to cosplay, but you can also find their staff cosplaying as well.

Like most food courts, it features a variety of food stalls which offer some delicious-looking dishes. They have teppanyaki restaurants, seafood specialists, cake sellers and wine and cheese stands just to name a few. And yes, all of them have their own cosplaying waitstaff. In fact, the food court features approximately 30 cosplayers serving diners delicious meals everyday. The waitstaff also changes costumes every day, so no cosplay is the same for each day.

Cosplay Yokocho also features its own stage. Here, cosplayers can go up on stage and perform. They also hold their own programs in the food court regularly.

But if you didn’t have your own costume, don’t worry, because they also have their own cosplay rental service. This service is free of charge, but they’re only allowing this for female diners. But while only women can use the free rental service, anyone can come in cosplay.

The food court’s regulars can also enjoy a bit of extra service. This is because customers can earn points just by dining there, and they can then turn these points into coupons.


Cosplay Yokocho / コスプレ横丁
Address: Tokyo-to, Taito-ku, Negishi 1-1-14, theatre alley (cosplay alley)
東京都台東区根岸1-1-14 劇場型横丁(コスプレ横丁)
Hours: 5:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.

Source:  via Sora News 24