The swimmers of the Iwatobi are back with a new sequel film titled Free! -Take Your Marks-. The film will be an ominibus consisting of four parts, and they now revealed the titles of these four parts. They are:

  1. #1 Unmei no Choice! 
  2. #2 Hitou no Cooling Down! 
  3. #3 Kessoku no Butterfly! 
  4. #4 Tabidachi no Eternal Blue!

A direct sequel to the -Timeless Medley- compilation films, the anime takes place in March when Haruka is about to graduate. Each of the film’s four parts happen during that early spring time frame, with each character looking towards their future.

The website also reveals that the anime film itself premieres this 28th October. Kyoto Animation will once again animate this new Free! project, with the cast also returning from the TV anime.

Source: Free! official