The Chinese Gundam community were up in arms as the heads of an RX-78-2 statue and a Unicorn Gundam statue were found missing during an event in Shanghai. Bandai had a booth during the CCG event and featured the two statues.

The global Gundam community condemned the thefts, though Chinese enthusiasts later found them on social media. A man proudly showed off several posts containing the stolen heads in a Chinese social media website.

So far, Bandai has yet to comment on the incident. As for the stolen Gundam heads, looks like a lot of people became angry. Some hit the man for his actions of showing off the stolen heads, while some demanded that he return them. Never the less, many also compared it to the incident where a man stole a 1,000-year old Buddha statue in China. That incident happened a few decades ago, but is still fresh in the minds of many mainland Chinese.

Source: AEmedia via Gundam Kits Collection