Hayao Miyazaki’s saga of retirement and going back to work is well documented. But when he finally announced he’s retiring back in 2013, many thought that was really it. It seems that it really isn’t the case as Miyazaki is returning to do yet another new anime. The show which revealed his plans was the NHK documentary, Owaranai Hito, or “One Who Doesn’t End.” Now, that very famous Hayao Miyazaki documentary is now available on DVD.

The documentary follows the Academy Award-winning director as he tries out 3D animation for the first time. This is all for the Ghibli Museum short film, Boro the Caterpillar. However, as he moves forward in his work, he can’t help but feel the itch to make a feature-length film.

It also contains the extended 70-minute version of the documentary, which also doesn’t have any narration. This means that the documentary allows the story to tell itself as it unfolds. Since it’s a DVD, it’s only available for Region 2 DVD players.

Amazon Japan and Rakuten are now selling the DVD worldwide for 3,023 yen. Now this is truly a chance to see the legend at work.

Source: @ghibli_world via Sora News 24