For over 10 years, Hiro Mashima has wowed readers with his popular fantasy manga, Fairy Tail. Now, with the final chapter about to be published, the popular mangaka has revealed that he’s now finished the series. He even tweeted about it complete with a commemoration, which reads Fairy Tail: 2006 – 2017.

In his tweet, Mashima thanked his staff who helped him in his 11-year journey. The mangaka has been hard at work in the series since 2006, and he’s taken little breaks and hiatuses in between… unlike two certain somebodies.

He’s done other manga during his time in Fairy Tail too, including a crossover with his previous manga, Rave Master. He also released FOUR chapters of the manga at the same time, and also did the Fairy Tail Zero prequel manga while still doing Fairy Tail. And let’s not forget he also does those doodles every now and then on twitter. Oh, and he also did that Monster Hunter manga too. Hopefully, he can take a little break for himself since he’s now finished his work… for now.