In celebration of Weekly Shonen Jump Magazine’s 50th anniversary, the legendary publication teamed up with Honda. To be specific, they teamed up with Honda’s latest Fit car. Now, the auto company has started streaming a brand new PV, which features a Fit driving though the world of Jump.

Featuring unforgettable Shonen Jump manga like Dragon Ball, One Piece, Naruto, and more, the video also talked about the collaboration’s goal. Their joint goal is to “pursue dreams and continue to evolve”.

Aside from the commercial, Honda will also launch a special collaboration exhibition in Roppongi Hills. They will not only feature a car showcase, but also several Jump manga exhibits as well. They’ll also give visitors the chance to experience a “virtual drive”. This allows visitors to drive through the world of Shonen Jump manga while in the driver’s seat. They have now launched the exhibition at Roppongi Hills’ O-yane Plaza. They will also launch a second one starting 15th July at Hills Cafe, also in Roppongi Hills.

source: Comic Natalie