Love ramen? Then head on over to Ramen Revolution 2017, happening on the 28th to the 30th of July at Resorts World Sentosa! Admission to Ramen Revolution 2017 is absolutely free, and you can savour delicious ramen starting from just $10 nett! Ramen Revolution 2017 will feature noodles from Kajiken, Keisuke Lobster King, Keisuke Tonkotsu King, Machida Shoten, Marutama Ramen, Menya Masamune, Menya Sakura, and Ramen Atelier!

There are also exciting speed and spice eating competitions organised by the one and only Food League Singapore! Food League Singapore was started as a way to bring the community together, have the competitors gain more experience, and to guide them in the world of competitive eating.

We managed to have a quick chat with Sean of Food League Singapore while we were at Marutama Ramen, the host for the FLS Ramen Revolution Speed and Spice Challenges. Sean is the founder of Food League Singapore, and is a pioneering member of the small but fast-growing community of competitive eaters in Singapore.

© Food League Singapore

So Sean, what got you into competitive eating?

I started this about nine years ago, when I joined one of the Major League Eating Asia competitions in Singapore. So that really started my competitive streak, to eat more than other people. After that I kept joining a lot of other contests in Singapore.

Do you have any heroes in the Japanese competitive eating scene?

My idol is Takeru Kobayashi. I met him once, and that was really exciting. I really look up to him in terms of improving my own competitive eating (editor’s note: check out the video of Sean taste testing a bowl for the Ramen Revolution Speed Challenge).

Which is harder: speed or quantity?

I think this depends on an individual’s preference. Someone who might eat fast may not be able to eat a lot, and someone who eats a lot may not be fast. For me personally speed is a challenge — I think I’d be able to eat slightly more. Usually for contests in Singapore, they give you like eight minutes and whoever eats the most wins. So if you have a very big capacity, that holds the key to victory.

So there’s this internet meme where you are not allowed to eat one out of the six foods we list down ever again: char kuey teow, prata, chicken rice, bak kuh teh, Hokkien prawn mee, and chili crab. Which one would you pick and why?

If I had to live without one, I’d go with prata. It’s doesn’t pack a lot of flavor like the prawn mee and the chili crab — it’s very bland, so I think I’d be okay with that.

© Food League Singapore

What other kinds of competitive eating events would you like to see in Singapore?

For the Food League Singapore, we want to do three or four of our own events every year. We’d also like to do more events that help promote — in terms of exposure, local restaurants coming up with their own food challenges and eating competitions. It’s an up and coming trend not just in Asia but also the rest of the world.

Do you have any advice for people who want to get into competitive eating?

I think for people who want to start competitive eating, they have to do it gradually. They can start from small challenges to find out how fast they can eat and how much they can eat, and improve from there. You can’t just do a big challenge and then suffer from that. We also do not advocate “training”, and we want people to simply improve on their own natural capabilities.

Wanna see the members of Food League Singapore take on the FLS Ramen Revolution Speed and Spice Challenges? Dare to meet one of the legends of the Japanese Oogui scene Giant Shirota? Or just wanna stuff yourself to the gills with delicious freshly prepared ramen? They’ve got them all here, at Ramen Revolution 2017!

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Ramen Revolution 2017

28 to 30 July 2017
Resorts World Sentosa
The Forum B1