Do you want to hang out in a cafe but you don’t have someone to hang with? Don’t worry, because the Blue Lead Cafe in Sendai has got you covered. The cafe will hook you up with an augmented reality date, but this isn’t just some random virtual character though. Why? Because they will hook you up with Hatsune Miku herself!

Telecommunications provider, au/KDDI, runs the Blue Lead Cafe, and they’re teaming up with Crypton Future Media. Starting 8th July, the cafe will outfit itself with special smartphones containing a special version of the Miku Stroll augmented reality program. Called the Miku Stroll Cafe Edition, these special smartphones will allow augmented reality dates with Miku inside the cafe.

However, Miku will only be able to go on dates on five specific dates. These dates are 8, 9, 15, 16, and 17 July 2017. But fret not, because even if Miku won’t be at the cafe everyday, they will be serving special Miku-themed menu items. They will serve them from 8th – 31st July, which means that you could also get to eat them while dating Miku. They will serve the Miku roll cake (800 yen), as well as the Miku Sandwich (900 yen).

They’ll also serve the Miku Summer Tropical Soda (700 yen) and Miku Latte (650 yen). They’ll also be giving out special Miku coasters to those who avail of their special Miku menu.

And as they’ll only be holding the AR dates on specific dates, and they only have a specific number of unites at a time, there will be online registrations to land that date with Miku. To get a date with her, interested participants must register here.

Source: Sora News 24