It’s hard to believe that Rumiko Takahashi’s genderbending comedy manga, Ranma 1/2, is now 30 years old. Takahashi launched the manga back in 1987 via Weekly Shonen Sunday, and went on to become a classic. Now, Japan’s post office is celebrating that 30-year milestone with some special Ranma 1/2 postage stamps. The best part here is that people can actually use them to send letters because they’re official.

The main part of this stamp set includes 10 character stamps, which include Ranma (male and female), Akane, Ryouha (human and pig), Shampoo, Ukyou, and many more. The set will also include a stamp sheet holder, 12 color illustration postcards, and an A5-size calendar.

Now that’s 30 whole years’ worth of memories right there in that set! Japan’s National Post Office will release the set on 18th July, and it will cost 4,200 yen.

Source: Comic Natalie