Kingdom Hearts has Sora, Goofy, and Donald visit all sorts of worlds from Walt Disney. These include Aladdin, The Lion King, Pinocchio, Peter Pan, and of course, Hercules’s Colosseum world. With Kingdom Bearts III, Square Enix is adding even more worlds, and one of them will be Toy Story. According to a new trailer, our beloved Kingdom Hearts trio will be hanging with Woody and Buzz in this brand new world.

Aside from the new Toy Story World, the trailer also previews some gameplay elements. And as seen in the trailer, Sora may get some mecha action going for the Toy Story world! And yes, Sora and the others also get toy versions, so don’t be surprised when Square Enix reveals a new Sora PlayArts Kai figure anytime soon.

More importantly, Square Enix and Disney also confirmed that they will release Kingdom Hearts III sometime in 2018. They still haven’t revealed much details yet, but we do know they’ll release the game for Xbox ONE and PlayStation 4. Expect them to reveal more details as we get closer and closer to 2018.