Sometimes, anime series give away promotional goodies for fans to promote their respective premieres. Sometimes, they give away chocolates, and sometimes, they give away tin badges. But in the case of the new summer 2017 anime, Love and Lies, they decided to give away condoms. They handed it out in Tora no Ana in Akihabara, and needless to say, a lot of people turned up.

Around 300 otaku lined up in front of the store to get the free condoms. They also distributed them over at Gamers Akihabara, which also had a long line. The condoms featured characters from the anime in their packaging, and that was enough to get people to line up.

Twitter user @kaztsu, who posted the above tweets, was passing by when he saw the long lines. He was checking the commotion out when he overheard the staff of Tora no Ana call out a request to the ever-lengthening queue:

Please only line up if you intend to actually use the condom!

Knowing a few collectors, most of them would actually intend on NOT using that condom. They’d just probably keep it as part of their collection or even sell it. Most would probably not intend to use it with an actual partner for what a condom is intended to do. But it seems that the Tora no Ana staff changed their tune a bit when they corrected themselves:

“Please only line up if you intend to actually use the condom, even if you’re going to use it all by yourself.”

Well, I guess they won’t be getting their 2D waifus pregnant anytime soon…

Source: Sora News 24