The AQOURS seiyuu from Love Live! Sunshine!! are heading to the anime’s holy land of Numazu. This is all for a 2-day concert during the town’s 70th annual fireworks festival along the Kano River. During this actual Japanese festival, AQOURS members will be conducting a dance-along performance for their single “Sunshine Pikka Pika Ondo”. But if you don’t know the moves, fret not, because the seiyuu themselves are teaching you how.

The festival happened on 22nd July until 23rd July, and AQOURS did four performances. And yes, they also had the audience dance along as well. But while audience participation ain’t exactly required, it’s a lot more fun to dance along, right?

And that’s not all because the buses heading to Numazu currently feature Love Live Sunshine!! decals. To be specific, their “HAPPY PARTY TRAIN” single actually inspired these decals. The trains going to Numazu also have “HAPPY PARTY TRAIN” wrappings as well. Both buses and trains feature AQOURS on their interior, as well as their exterior.



source: Yaraon