From Toyota’s anthropomorphic car parts to Kantai Collection’s anthropomorphic ship girls, Japan’s fascination with anthropomorphic objects is still going strong. But this time, it looks like its the motorbikes’ turn to get their own bishoujo counterparts. This is because Hideyoshi Suzuki’s Bike Gijinka Kinsho manga turns motorcycles into cute anime girls.

Oh Japan, you guys never run out of stuff to turn into cute anime girls, huh? Motorcycle magazine, Monthly Autoby’s Autoby & RIDE website is releasing the manga every week. They previously posted the web manga on their website irregularly via twitter.

Japan is currently one of the most important motorcycle manufacturers in Earth, so the anthropomorphic girl treatment would come as no surprise. So far, the manga centers on several motorcycle girls, including the GSX400S Katana and the GSX1300R Hayabusa. There are currently five installments to the manga so far.

source: Comic Natalie