Saying that Makoto Shinkai’s your name. is huge may be a bit of an understatement. The anime has enjoyed a huge box office success both locally and internationally. Now, the anime has teamed up with the Willer Bis Company, Cool Japan Travel, THE GUEST cafe & diner, and the Anime Tourism Association for a special cafe and travel experience. Called the “your name. Cafe Bus”, it will not only transport passengers to real-life locations featured in your name.’s movie, but also serve delicious meals.

These double-decker buses feature your name. wrappings, with the first floor serving as a cafe. It will serve meals which go with the anime’s theme, as well as give away free coasters to diners. Meanwhile, the second floor will be open-air, and it will allow passengers to enjoy the scenery.

Two of these double-decker buses will be driving by the locations from the anime. Each trip will last for 90 minutes, and tickets cost 5,800 yen. Fans can go on this special trip from 3rd August until 29th September, with the official website now accepting reservations.

Source: Animate Times