Remember when we reported that Hibiki Works is planning a wedding event for otaku to marry their 2D waifus? They actually pushed through with that wedding, complete with a virtual minister too! All three of the heroines from their visual novel Niitzuma LovelyxCation, participated in the ceremonies which had real men marrying 2D women.

Hibiki Works actually chose the grooms via a lottery since there were a lot who signed up. And when the wedding day came, they had the lucky winners wait for their turn inside a room. But when their turn finally arrived, they put on their tuxedos and headed to the altar in a traditional wedding march. Like most grooms, they then waited for their bride. However, as they do this, they’re wearing a VR headset.

As for the bride, the grooms themselves had to pick which of Niitzuma LovelyxCation’s three heroines to marry. And when they finally made their choice, that bride then walks to the altar. Well… here comes the Bride.

And with the bride finally in the altar, the wedding commences. Like most Western-style weddings, this one involves exchanging vows and “I Do’s”. And when everything is said and done, the familiar-looking minister, who really looks like Coach Anzai from Slam Dunk, would tell the couple “You May Now Kiss the Bride”. And kiss they do.

Well, the grooms did report a soft sensation when kissing, but then again, this is all virtual. But then, for the grooms, who cares? Because they just married their 2D waifus in virtual reality. We wish them happiness!

Source: Netlab