Keijo!!!!!!!!!! has caused quite a stir among anime fans last year, mostly because of how ridiculous it is. From the Vacuum Butt Canon to the infamous judo throw using a nipple, the anime certainly raised plenty of eyebrows. The anime became quite popular, and popular enough for some fans in Portugal to introduce it in real life.

Keijo Portugal introduced this anime-inspired sport into their own home country. However, they made a few modifications to make the sport a lot safer and more realistic. One of these modifications include padding to the butt and chest, the impact zones used in Keijo. In the anime and manga, players use their butts and chest to push their opponents out. Directly using the hands or feet will get you disqualified. The addition of padding would help protect the players from serious injury. After all, the Vacuum Butt Canon is a double-edged sword that can takes its toll on the user herself.

However, Keijo Portugal did admit that they’re still in the planning stages in making the sport a reality. They said that they’re still scouting individuals interested to play, as well as possible venues. Needless to say, these Portuguese fans have caught the attention of other fans, who are monitoring their project closely.

source: 0takomu