A lot of seiyuu are venturing into the manga industry lately. Perhaps the most famous seiyuu/mangaka is Masumi Asano, who not only wrote Sore Ga Seiyuu, but also made a cameo for its anime adaptation. Now, the latest seiyuu to also become a mangaka is Hikaru Midorikawa. Together with illustrator Ichi Sayo, he is launching his debut work, Seifuku no Ragnarok.

The manga’s story follows a high school girl who also happens to love playing games on her smartphone. But when clearing an event for the smartphone RPG, “Ragnarok Edge”, a URL suddenly appears. And when she clicks on that URL, a handsome young man suddenly appears… as as expected, he’s completely naked.

Yes folks, the guy who voiced Fushigi Yugi’s Tamahome and Gundam Wing’s Heero Yuy came up with that story. ARIA magazine will launch the debut chapter in its August 2017 edition, which hits the stands on 28th June.

Aside from Masumi Asano, fellow-seiyuu Yoshitsugu Matsuoka also dabbled in manga writing. But so far, it’s only Asano who got an anime adaptation for her manga work.

source: Animate Times