Hey guys, Shaft (Monogatari, Madoka Magica, Nisekoi) is doing Fate! To be exact, they are adapting Marvelous’s Fate/Extra video game series into Fate/Extra: Last Encore. Now, the anime’s staff has revealed a brand new PV, which teases the main characters, as well as the anime’s release window.


According to the new PV, this latest Fate anime will premiere “Next Winter”. The video teases Red Saber (CV: Sakura Tange), as well as her master, Hakuno Koshinami (CV: Atsushi Abe). Aside from the new PV, the anime’s official website also unveiled a brand new key visual featuring Red Saber and her master.

Since this is Shaft, expect a lot of head tilting, especially with Akiyuki Simbo (Monogatari) serving as chief director. Meanwhile, Madoka Magica director, Yukihiro Miyamoto is directing the project. And this will be getting some huge Fate credits, as Fate/Stay Night creator, Kinoko Nasu himself is writing the scripts.