After revealing a special Shonen Jump commercial featuring the Honda Fit, Japanese car manufacturer, Honda, revealed their official Shonen Jump itasha. The new itasha actually mixes the old and the new, featuring both classics and current manga.

As expected, Honda used their Fit as the itasha’s base car. It features characters from several manga, including Gintama, Haikyuu!!, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure, Kinnikuman, and many more. It even features uncolored versions of the characters to complete that manga feel.

The car’s rear features Naruto and Luffy, while its hood features Gon and Goku. Its right side meanwhile features manga such as Bleach, KochiKame, Rurouni Kenshin, and others.

You can find the car in Honda’s special Shonen Jump exhibition in Roppongi Hills. In that exhibition, they’re also featuring their Shonen Jump VR demo called “virtual drive”. This allows visitors to drive through the world of Shonen Jump manga while in the driver’s seat.

Of course, there were other Jump exhibitions as well, featuring some very familiar characters.

If you’re ever in Roppongi Hills, you can drop by Hills Cafe to visit the exhibition. But better be quick, because they will only hold this until 27th August.

source: Sora News 24