Studio TRIGGER × A-1 Pictures have jointly announced the start of an original animated project entitled “Darling in the FrankXX“. “Darling in the FrankXX” staff features a veritable who’s who of the animation world, with Atsushi Nishigori (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann) as Director, Toshifumi Akai (GRANBLUE FANTASY The Animation) as Assistant Director, Atsushi Nishikori / Naotoaki Hayashi (Steins Gate) as Screenwriters, Masayoshi Tanaka (Kimi no Na wa.) as Character Designer, Shigeto Koyama (Evangelion Shin Gekijouban) as Mecha Designer, and Hiroyuki Imaishi (Kill la Kill) as Animation Supervisor.

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About Studio TRIGGER

Studio Trigger was established in 2011 by former GAINAX members Hiroyuki Imaishi and Masahiko Ohtsuka. Aside from assisting other productions, Trigger released a short film entitled Little Witch Academia shortly after it was established. The film was cult hit among fans, and is also noteworthy for successfully crowdfunding its second episode entirely via Kickstarter (it went on to stretch its initial goal by over 300%). The studio’s first original anime series Kill la Kill aired in 2013-2014, and was likewise a commercial and critical success.

About A-1 Pictures

A-1 Pictures was established by SMEJ’s animation division Aniplex in 2005, to animate its originalprojects. The studio produced its first series, an animated adaptation of the baseball manga Ōkiku Furikabutte, in 2007. Originally established to oversee the production of Aniplex’s family-oriented series, A-1 Pictures has since grown and expanded as a full-fledged studio. It’s body of work includes massive international hits such as Black Butler, Fairy Tail, The [email protected], AnoHana, Sword Art Online, and Your Lie in April.