Toyota’s new M78x86 concept car come with the slogan, “A MAN OF ULTRA”, and what better way to celebrate the car than a collaboration with Ultraman, right? Toyota has teamed up with Ultraman just for this purpose, and their mission is to make people “Feel like Ultraman”.

The car giant is actually hoping to trigger some nostalgia among fans. This is because their target demographic are fans who grew up in the Showa-era and watched Ultraman as kids.

And much like other collaborations out there, this one also features a few tie-in merchandise. They include clothing, accessories, and even a few home goods as well.

The The M78x86 comes in two types, the GT and the GT Limited. Buyers can choose between five color schemes, as well as taking the option of adding a rear fender trim and chrome door handles. Interested buyers can also choose between manual or automatic transmissions. The cheapest version of this car, the GT with a basic kit, costs 3,373,800 yen.

Source: Anime! Anime!