Yowamushi Pedal recently held a fan event called Le Tour de Yowapeda 2017. During that event, the anime’s staff revealed that they will be releasing the anime’s fourth season on January 2018. They then played a new teaser PV for the upcoming 4th season.

Aside from the Season 4 announcement, the cast also revealed that the anime’s third season will get its own compilation film. Titled Yowamushi Pedal Re:Generation, this new film will feature footage from the third season, as well as brand new footage. This new compilation film will hit the theaters in October 2017.

The anime’s third season ended with a huge cliffhanger. This is because it ended right in the middle of Onoda’s second inter-high competition. In the third season, Onoda, Naruko, and Imaizumi enter their second year in high school and prepare to defend their Inter-High crown. However, the other teams are ready for them, especially their rivals in Hakone.

source: Comic Natalie