As previously reported on WOW Japan, Karatsu City in Saga Prefecture held a huge collaboration event with the TV anime Yuri!!! on Ice (the fictional city of Hasetsu that was featured in the show was based on Karatsu City).

© Hasetsu Town People / Yuri!!! On Ice Production Committee / Karatsu City Local Government Tourist Office

The event was a huge success, drawing in fans not just from Japan but also overseas. It’s so successful that the local government — led by Karatsu City mayor Tatsuro Mine, has officially announced that “Saga!!! on Ice” will be held again this year.

Scheduled for the 1st of September to the 30th of November 2017, there will also be an event to be held concurrently in Fukuoka Prefecture. We’re all eagerly awaiting more updates for this exciting new collaboration!