Indoor Japanese amusement park, Joypolis, has teamed up with Attack on Titan. And they’re not just sporting an Attack on Titan theme, but also featuring a new Eren Yeager statue, as well as a life-size Levi statue. And who better unveil it than Eren and Mikasa’s seiyuu themselves, Yuuki Kaji and Yui Ishikawa?

The two hosted a little stage show as they unveiled the new Eren statue. This will be the second collaboration between Joypolis and Attack on Titan, and they previously revealed the life-size Levi.

As expected, the two seiyuu engaged in a few shenanigans onstage, with Yuuki Kaji even stealing Yui Ishikawa’s scarf. Of course, that’s the scarf Kaji’s character, Eren, gave Ishikawa’s character, Mikasa when they were kids.

Of course, they will also feature several exclusive Attack on Titan merchandise as well. The collaboration will run from the 13th of July all the way to the 1st of October 2017, so make sure you start planning your visit soon!

images via @movie_core2014, @Kaji_staff @anime_shingeki