Polygon Pictures and Toho’s upcoming Godzilla: Monster Planet anime will be a trilogy, and now, after months of teasing, we get a better look at the King of Monsters itself. This is because the anime’s official website revealed not one, but two new trailers for the first film. The first video contains the full trailer, while the second video contains the teaser trailer. However, both videos offer a better look at Godzilla.

And not only that, but the official website also revealed a brand new poster visual for the first film. They also revealed a still image of Godzilla and its massive dorsal spines. However, they still haven’t revealed its signature Atomic Breath, though maybe we’d expect that much later.

Netflix, the world’s largest TV and movie streaming service, will be releasing the anime film globally. Of course, this includes Japan, where TOHO will be coordinating a theatrical and global streaming release, along with Netflix.

The infamous Urobutcher himself, Gen Urobuchi, will be writing the script, so don’t get attached to any character. The first film premieres in Japanese theaters on 17th November 2017. Its story takes place 20,000 years in the future when Kaijuu forced humanity out of Earth.