Entertainment agency, Solid Vox, has some sad news for Anisong fans everywhere. They revealed that Anisong icon and JAM Project member, Hiroshi Kitadani, has postponed a performance due to health problems.

According to their message, Kitadani suffered sudden deafness within the last few days. He then spent his time hospitalised because of his hearing problems. And because of this, his doctor ordered him to take a few days off and rest for a while.

The One Piece Anisong performer is supposed to perform his “Birthday Live” in Tokyo last 24th August. However, due to those hearing problems, Kitadani postponed the performance. In his twitter page, Kitadani them posted a handwritten letter apologising to fans for postponing.



Aside from his apology, the singer also assured his fans that he’s recovering and told them not to worry.

Best known for his One Piece OP song, “We Are!”, Kitadani also joined JAM Project with other Anisong icons. As a member of the group, he also appeared in AFA – Anime Festival Asia Singapore back in 2014.