It looks like Riko Sakurauchi ain’t just Germany’s Love Live! Sunshine!! poster girl, but 7-Eleven’s as well. She beat out You Watanabe in a come-from-behind victory to take the 7-Eleven image girl position. Now, her seiyuu, Rikako Aida, has revealed Riko’s design as that image girl in a new video:

Aida also revealed that this new Riko design will also get her own limited edition figure by Alter. The seiyuu also complimented her character’s new artwork, saying that her new costume is cute. The design features Riko in a frilly dress featuring 7-Eleven’s usual green and white colours. However, it also features some red and yellow trimmings, as well as a few ribbons and flowers.

7-Eleven will feature the design in several promotions, as well as feature her in a few products. They will reveal more details in the future.

source: Yaraon!