Kodansha has now released the Attack On Titan Character Directory Guidebook. It features character information, as well as talks about the origins of their names. Of course, this includes Krista/Historia, Ymir, and Sasha the Potato Girl. And as it turns out, the guidebook reveals that her name has a very peculiar and hilarious origin concerning BORAT.

According to the guidebook, Isayama wanted a comic relief, so he made Sasha. As for her name, it comes from the famous British comedian, Sasha Baron Cohen. For those who don’t know who he is, he’s actually the guy who played Borat. He’s also responsible for such films like Bruno and The Dictator, as well as The Ali G Show. Isayama also said that their names also have a “resonant effect”. So yeah, he named Potato Girl after the guy who played Borat.

He also talked about Krista/Historia and Ymir. For Krista/Historia, Isayama admitted that he originally made her out of obligation as a moe character. At first, he hated her because he had to make her out of obligation. But then, as her story progressed, he grew to like her. As for Ymir, Isayama said the he created her to become Krista’s foil, and to contrast her. If Krista is short and cute, Ymir is her opposite. He wanted her to look like a “commoner”, and Isayama also admitted that he liked drawing her.

Source: Tsuki-no-Ura