It’s Day Two of C3 AFA Jakarta, and the first day of the I Love Anisong concert series! Traditionally, Saturday has the biggest crowds during the three day event — and it definitely showed as the already extensive Friday crowd swelled to at least thrice as much come Saturday morning! From the pre-opening queue to the initial rush to enter the exhibition hall, it was just packed everywhere!

All the shops and exhibitions were also teeming with people, as fans sprinted to get their hands on special edition merchandise, as well as score freebies given away in limited quantities. C3 AFA’s very own AFA Shop was doing brisk business selling I Love Anisong concert tees and cosplayer goods (special guest Ying Tze’s photobooks were particularly popular!). CDs from SACRA MUSIC artistes LiSA, Luna Haruna, and Kalafina were also flying off the shelves!

Across the aisle at the Bandai booth, many of their limited edition kits were already sold out, and some fans had to leave disappointed — hopefully, the upcoming Gunpla Expo Indonesia can turn the frowns upside-down. Further down the hall BCA had queues at all its onsite ATMs, which was why the local bank was promoting its tap-and-go cards to save everybody the trouble (protip: it comes in cute Seika-chan and AFA-kun designs!).

Back at the Canon Akiba Stage and Canon Experience Zones, two very special guests came out to entertain the crowd! The lovely Ying Tze dropped by the Canon Experience Zone to pose for photos, and her fans were able to snap away to their heart’s content. The cute and cuddly Pikachu also dropped by for hugs and photos for all the Pokemon fans — and let’s be honest, who isn’t?!

Last but not least, it’s the first night of the I Love Anisong concerts! The Saturday line up features the powerful vocals of May’n, the smooth and mellow tones of Tomohisa Sako, the high energy performances of Konomi Suzuki, and last but not least the fun and funky songs of fhana! Penlights in hand, we all sang and jumped to our favorite songs, which included May’n’s Diamond Crevasse, Tomohisa Sako’s floria, Konomi Suzuki’s Redo, and fhana’s Aozora no Rhapsody.

We’re just at the halfway point of C3 AFA Jakarta 2017, and there’s more exciting things to come for Day 3!