In almost every manga, the jacket flap is where the mangaka themselves talk to their fans. Most of the time, they rant about their lives. Others rant about how hard work is, while some talk about trivial stuff like their cat. And while most mangaka rant about meeting deadlines in that jacket flap, Eiichiro Oda likes to talk about more trivial things.

He talked about the author’s corner at the jacket flap, and said:

“I end up wracking my brain every time since my readers are quite eager to see them. I want to write trivial things as much as possible, and I guess it stemmed from my memories of comics when I was a kid. I once read about a manga artist’s struggles in the author’s corner (where they write rantings) and told myself that I wouldn’t write such things.

No one really cares about (an artist’s) hardships. And even if the author were to write about his problems, the readers wouldn’t understand them anyway, right?If so, I thought there’d be no point in writing it. Instead of reading something and becoming depressed, it would be much better to have my readers enjoy the content instead.”

Oda has a crazy work schedule, and he’s dedicating it all to One Piece. While most mangaka would lose their minds and rant about hardships, Oda keeps his cool. This may be why One Piece has grown to be this manga juggernaut. This may be why One Piece has lasted so longm and that is Oda keeping his cool and connecting with fans instead. Keep up the good work Oda-sensei!

Source: Sora News 24