During Comiket 92, the Kadokawa booth played a new PV for the upcoming Full Metal Panic IV: Invisible Victory anime. This of course furthers the hype for the upcoming spring 2018 anime, as it features several returning characters. Without further ado, here;s the new PV they call “Promo Video 0.2”.


Oh Kaname, Sousuke, and Tessa, how we missed you guys! Aside from the new PV, the anime’s staff also revealed several brand new stills featuring several old and new FMP characters.

The anime premieres in Spring 2018 after being delayed from its Fall 2017 premiere. Series creator Shojo Gatoh himself confirmed this during Anime Expo in Los Angeles, California.

Xebec will be taking over the animation production for Kyoto Animation, which animated the latest OVA, Last Raid, and Fumoffu. The official website also revealed that original character designer, Osamu Horiuchi, has returned to the series. Meanwhile, Katsuichi Nakayama will be directing this new TV anime.

While GONZO handled the first anime, and Kyoto Animation handled Fumoffu and Second Raid. Full Metal Panic! IV: Invisible Victory is the first Full Metal Panic anime in over a decade, with the last one, an OVA, being released back in 2006.