It seems like the Japanese are really turning everything in to anthropomorphic anime characters. Now, there’s also Hiragana Boys, which turns Japanese writing system into handsome young men. This new anthropomorphic title is actually a new mobile game by Japanese developer Tabot.

According to Tabot, the game’s premise is:

A mysterious incident causes written characters to disappear from the world. As one of the few scholars left in society who’s able to read, it falls to you to seek out the Hiragana Boys, hiragana that were reborn as human men when the art of writing was lost.

So far, the hiragana characters revealed for the game include:

あ or “A”

う or “U”

ち or “Chi”

の or “No”

ぬ or “Nu”

And if these characters look familiar, that’s because K-On’s Yukiko Horiguchi worked on the game’s character designs. To play the game, the player has to trace lines through hiragana icons floating about the playfield in order to form Japanese vocabulary words.

The game will hit iOS, as well as Android devices sometime in autumn 2017.

Source: Sora News 24