These days, the Japanese love turning stuff into people, from KanColle’s Anthropomorphic ship girls to Touken Ranbu’s anthropomorphic swords boys. Now, they have turned elementary particles into handsome young men in a new project called “Particle Boys”.

Set in the elite science school ILC (International Linear Collider) Academy, the project’s story follows transfer student Higgs Bozon. There, he joins up with other particles to form the Uroboros Group to uncover the universe’s mysteries. As mentioned before, the characters are all elemental particles, and Minato Yaguchi made the character designs. From left to right, the main characters include Up Quark, Down Quark, Higgs Bozon, Gluon Adler, and finally, Elec Smith.

Up Quark and Down Quark are twins, but while Up is sociable, Down is an introvert. Main character Higgs might look weak, but he has a different side to him, while Guon likes sticky items. Finally, Elec is the senpai and is actually older than everyone. He can also manipulate static electricity. The five of them also star in their own 4-koma manga.




Aside from their manga, the Particle Boys will also have their own Stamps for the LINE messaging and social media app. They will also get several merchandise as well.

Source: Nijimen