The Japanese art of paper folding, origami, has been around for hundreds of years. It’s still going strong, especially in Japan where several schools and universities have clubs dedicated to them. One such club includes University of Tokyo’s own origami club, Orist. And one of their members has shown true skill by folding a single piece of paper into a Japanese school girl.

She kinda looks like Ami/ Sailor Mercury from Sailor Moon, right? Orist member, Masato Kikuchi folded this school girl complete with a sailor uniform, ribbon, and of course, knee socks. Because when it comes to Japanese school girls, you have to have that Zettai Ryouiki thing going, right? But the most impressive part is that he really just used a single standard-size paper to fold all of this. And the best part is that Kikuchi is also kind enough to show the folding pattern of how he did it:

Looks kinda complicated, huh? And I’m struggling to even fold a frog for my origami activity back in preschool. And even as an adult, I’m having a tough time with some origami patterns as well. But then again, maybe with a lot of practice, I can fold it like he does. Bravo Mr. Kikuchi, bravo.

Source: Rocket News 24