Admit it guys, every time you watch Restaurant to Another World, the show makes you go hungry and craving for whatever the restaurant served. Well, I do admit that in the anime’s previous episode, I was craving for tofu steak, and of course, Omurice. Now, Restaurant to Another World cast members, Junichi Suwabe and Makoto Yasumura, try their hand at making Omurice. But this time, 3rd generation Taimeiken restaurant owner, Chef Hiroshi Modegi, is joining them.

The two seiyuu started off by preheating a pan, and then melting some butter. They then added a few ingredients such as onions and ham, and then added rice, and of course, ketchup. After doing his own taste test, Junichi Suwabe then commented that his concoction is “Delicious”. Well, they did only do the rice part of Omurice though.

In the anime, Junichi Suwabe voices the nameless “Master” of the Western restaurant, Nekoya. Meanwhile, Makoto Yasumura appeared in the Omurice episode as the Lizardman hero, Gaganpo. The two appeared in the cooking video to promote the anime’s Volume 1 compilation Blu-ray and DVD release. It hits the stores starting 22nd September. Meanwhile, they also talked about Volume 2’s release, which is on 27th October.